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Vintage women's Haori

Japan, 116cm x 96cm

This Haori is made of stripe pattern woven cotton, and textile has soft touch.
It is padded, and it is lined with exotic dyed pattern cotton.
It has a few flaws as photos show, but as a whole it is in very good condition.


Jinken Haori *
Japan, Taisho (1912-1926), cm 92x125.

Sleeves are gracefully long, this kimono has smooth and soft touch.
Textile is jinken(rayon). It has smooth and soft touch. It has small smudges and frays in places. Please check the figure and photos for details.

* No more in stock


Is dedicated to Nunzio, my only and best brother I could have had. He was also a friend of mine, and of great help in my life, making me simple hard decisions.
What you find here is his personal collection. Unfortunately, my home is not large enough to contain all, so if you are interested in purchasing any article, please contact me. Some of these articles are already collected by some friends of mine and are no more available. These pieces are marked with a red asterisk.
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Nunzio Crisa
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